Organic Chemistry Notepad Sixth Form (highschool) vs. University

Organic chemistry is a topic that is heavily visual so having an organic chemistry notepad ensures your mechanisms are clear so that you can think of the next step.

However, depending on what stage you're at school e.g. sixth form vs university, then I may or may not recommend it.

Sixth form/high school:

If you're at sixth form or high school, the organic chem you're learning is not as complex. The most you'll have to draw are simple mechanisms like EAS or NAS, or you can use the notepad to draw clearer molecules for chiral centres. Therefore, I'd say get the notepad if it will help you remember things more easily as it has structured sections and brain stimulating colours.


(As a chemistry graduate myself) Yep. A definite need! Chemistry at university is where you learn nearly every reaction under the sun, and this also includes drawing large and multicyclic molecules and multi-step mechanisms. Some of these include resonance drawings for each mechanism step, Terpenoid Synthesis, Conjugated Dienes- Allylic Carbocation mechanisms, and much much more. So for this reason having a organic chem notepad is super useful!

If you're a chem major let me know what you think!

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