University Courses Featuring Organic Chemistry Modules

You might be wondering which university courses have organic chemistry modules. Fortunately (or unfortunately for some!) organic chemistry isn't only limited to Chemistry undergraduate degrees. Organic chemistry is a fundamental discipline in the world of science, and it plays a crucial role in various fields, which allows you to understand the behaviour of molecules which everything in our world consists of. 

Here's the list of courses that require organic chemistry knowledge:

  • Chemistry (of course)
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Pharmacy
  • Medicine
  • Environmental Science
  • Materials/Polymer Science
  • Biology

However! Depending on the university and the degree, the depth of which OC would be tested may vary. For example, for a chemistry degree its expected to learn hundreds of mechanisms with a good understanding of how molecules would react, but this wouldn't exactly be expected for biology. (BUT always check with your lecturer!)

Anyways... If you do find yourself studying OC and are a visual learner, I'd suggest my organic chemistry notepad as the molecules can get quite complex at university level, so having clear notes can help you understand content for your exams.

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