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Thank you so much for your support and feedback! I want to show my appreciation to everyone that leaves a suggestion to improve my brand, and help make it the biggest paper empire 🥰  

Suggestion  Timeline Status
Music notepad 100% in the works, will be available early November 2023! DONE
E-version for ipads/tablets My main purpose for my brand was to create physical designer paper. I will make this available mid-next 2024!
More cornell notes colours Strangely this is my best seller, so it makes sense to add more colours! I'm thinking, mint green, purple... let me know which other colours look good! Will most likely be available next year. 
Law notepads, Medicine notepads, Dentistry notepads, accountancy notepads Working on the design of these! Will update soon!

Cardboard backboard to notepads 

Notepads currently have no cardboard at the back, this is because adding the extra cardboard increases the weight and would make shipping more expensive for my international customers. I'll be doing this when US orders stabilise.  DONE
Hole punched

I know a lot of students keep their notes in binders so having it hole punched makes sense! I chose not to hole punch my notepads in the early stages is because I thought it would ruin the design. I will most likely make this a feature next year.

For now, you can use a hole puncher or keep the notes in transparent wallets!

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I’ve just started using your products and it is a game changer. As a tech student it would nice to have a notepad with half lines and half blank space. I could with notes or code and then draw out how i hope the page to output. Also, different colour such as subtle pink or baby blue could work well

Natalie Moulden

Natalie Moulden

The Cornell notes in more colours as above, but additionally, with the white section being a different colour. All of your pads will be amazing for people who experience visual stress. For those individuals, writing on white exacerbates symptoms.



A cover/some sort of plastic slip for the notepads as they’re really nice but they sometimes get bashed around in my bag because the paper is exposed. Also perhaps some hole punched note pads so they’re easy to keep/store in your folder. Love your work!!

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