Laptop Vs Handwritten Notes During Lectures.

You might be heading to university and have some questions about what the best method to taking notes are when attending lectures. Do I take handwritten notes or do I use my laptop to type everything out? 

Here are the pros and cons of each and finally, what I think the ultimate method to take study notes during lectures is. 

Handwritten Notes

 Pros Cons
Better retention of material time consuming 
Free to draw whatever you like Mess notes
Reduced distractions 


Laptop Notes

 Pros Cons
Easy to read and carry. Distracting (might start online shopping)
Typing is faster than writing Battery life and technical issues


So what's my ultimate method to take notes during lectures?

Well it kind of depends on what subject you're taking. STEM subjects require more diagrams, whilst humanities subjects not so much.

As a STEM grad, I've always loved taking paper notes. I would first understand everything about the subject or concept through watching youtube videos, googling and textbooks. Whilst doing this, I'd write down the most important key words. Then, I'd write out my notes pretending to teach someone younger than me, and use coloured pens to highlight key points which would make someone go 'Ahhhhhhh (LIGHTBULB)' and also make sure to link the concepts together. 

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