Science Backed: The Power of Color-Coding Your Notepad for Better Memory Retention.

Why the heck do I keep banging on about our colourful student notepads?! Well, did you know there is a scientific review which proves that colour can play a major role in enhancing information retention?!

influence of colour on studying

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This section highlights the power of using colour to improve your memory whilst note-taking for exams. So why not make a simple change to your studying routine that could significantly improve your grades?




So how do you use colour in your notes? First get three or four coloured pens (not the entire rainbow) and one or two highlighters, and select one of our structured notepads. Use black ink to write out the question and the answers, in the colourful colours write tips, things to remember, and commonly incorrect answers that you shouldn't trip up on. 

If you want a change from your regular boring and plain notepads, select one of ours and start taking action and you'll achieve your academic goals in no time!

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Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams

I love your note pad but do you have it in a Lisa’s leaf format? My sons school has him using binders so all his notes are using loose leaf paper. I love your format and think it’s amazing. His school is Rockdale Magnet Highschool in Conyers, Georgia, which is in Rockdale County. This school is for students who are researchers, engineers and scientists. A feeder school for Georgia Tech. I believe they would love your paper. I do

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