Why You Should Bin Your Planners

Something that is always suggested to get better at studying is to get a planner to organise when and what you should be studying. And while this may be an amazing idea to students who are just getting started with understanding their study style or for students who are disorganised, it may actually start to hinder your performance after a while. 

I say this because sometimes I spend more time organising what I will be studying that actually doing the studying. This is because after writing out your entire list with the times you'll spend on each subject (whether thats 30mins to 2hrs) and also the content of what to study you feel exhausted and burdened that you have too much to do after spending all your energy on creating it.

I know we've all felt like going back to bed after writing out our schedule and then further delaying any actual work we should be doing. Sorry if I feel like I'm nagging but you'll only get the grades you want by actively studying. 

Are you a perfectionist and seem to always have no energy after writing out your schedule? Here are some tips to fix this:

1. Take only 10 - 15 minutes to plan out your studies (MAKE SURE YOU ACTUALLY TIME THIS!!)

2. Don't write out your entire to do list. Only the top 3-4 most important things.

This is to prevent overwhelming yourself from thinking about all the things you need to do. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day.

3. Start taking action, learn, and then once you're finished with one task, get a snack and then continue with the next.

Doing one task can take up a lot of brain energy. Increase your glucose level with a snack and this will re-charge you for the next task, and it'll mean you're less likely to give up.


The most important thing that will level up your grades is taking action. Make this exciting with a pop of colour using Noted Society notepads!

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